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Bio Konavle is a small ranch operated in the spirit of sustainability and playfulness, where travelers immerse themselves in the nature and feel one with it. We have everything a traveler searching for exciting Dubrovnik activities might need, from horseback riding and biking through the Konavle Valley and fun games on the miniature sport court. 

We are one of the top family destinations in the Dubrovnik area. Also, our work has been recognized by various wedding organizers and companies. Therefore, do not be surprised if you see a mom reading a book while her kid is running through the fields, a bride on a horse, or a team of businessmen relaxing over a cold beer after a mini golf match. With everything in one place and 8,000 square meters to explore, memories created at the ranch last a lifetime.


If you are in Dubrovnik, looking for a quiet escape or an action-packed trip in the nature, Konavle definitely should not be missed. Croatia’s southernmost region, nestled between the mountains and the Adriatic, is full of flourishing wildlife, cypress and pine trees, and vast green fields dotted with family-run wineries and olive groves. The narrow field of Konavle, situated at the foot of the Snježnica Mountain, extends from the small town of Cavtat all the way to the border with Montenegro in the south.
About 30 villages and hamlets are scattered across the region, some consisting of only two or three houses. Konavle used to be the Dubrovnik Republic’s main granary with a system of mills on the Ljuta River. It is believed that its name derives from the Latin word canalis, indicating a water supply channel. The water channel was used to water the arable, fertile field of Konavle. Our ranch is placed in the middle of the Konavle hinterland, a 30-minute ride from Dubrovnik’s busy Old Town.


Bio Konavle offers horseback riding on scenic trails that skirt the Konavle Valley, family-safe horses, and rides to accommodate all experience levels. Catering to small groups and a more personal experience, our rides are limited to 6 riders at a time. We are home to ten Icelandic cold-blooded horses, around 140 cm tall, and renowned for their pleasant temperament. Riding Icelandic horses across the Konavle Valley is something everyone should try at least once in their lifetime.

 Our horses live freely and together on the property, giving us a unique opportunity to watch them in their natural setting and learn about the ways they interact with one another. You will find that each horse has its own unique personality. Friendly and gentle in nature, these horses can be ridden by riders of all ages and experience levels.


Absolutely nothing compares to eating a raw sun-warmed tomato, pepper or cucumber straight off the plant. Especially if you know that it has been grown using no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. With the help of the valley’s clean air, unpolluted soil and freshwater, we grow organic vegetables across our one hectare of land.
Bio Konavle operates three greenhouses and onsite cold storage facilities that give us perfect conditions for year-round production. So, make sure to stack your bags with some organic goodies on your next visit to the Bio Konavle Ranch.

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